TED Theater, Soho, New York

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
New York, NY

The Event

As part of Global Goals Week, the Skoll Foundation and the United Nations Foundation are pleased to present We the Future: Accelerating Sustainable Development Solutions on September 21, 2017 at TED Theater in New York.
The Sustainable Development Goals, created in partnership with individuals around the world and adopted by world leaders at the United Nations, present a bold vision for the future: a world without poverty or hunger, in which all people have access to healthcare, education and economic opportunity, and where thriving ecosystems are protected. The 17 goals are integrated and interdependent, spanning economic, social, and environmental imperatives.
Incremental change will not manifest this new world by 2030. Such a shift requires deep, systemic change. As global leaders gather for the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly in September, this is the moment to come together to share models that are transforming the way we approach the goals and equipping local and global leaders across sectors to accelerate achievement of the SDGs.

Together with innovators from around the globe, we will showcase and discuss bold models of systemic change that have been proven and applied on a local, regional, and global scale. A curated audience of social entrepreneurs, corporate pioneers, government innovators, artistic geniuses, and others will explore how we can learn from, strengthen, and scale the approaches that are working to create a world of sustainable peace and prosperity.

Meet the


Click on photo to read each speaker bio.



Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations



Captain of Moonshots, X



West Coast Correspondent, Devex



Head Curator, TED


Aung Din

Co-founder of Proximity Designs



Regional Executive Director, Camfed West Africa



Musician, Actor, Author, Campaigner



Member of The Elders, Former President of Mexico



Co-Founder and CEO, Align17



CEO, Global Witness

Governor Jerry


State of California

Her Majesty Queen Rania

Al Abdullah




Co-founder and CEO, Team Rubicon



Senior Director for Advocacy and Communications, Global Health Corps



CEO, Medic Mobile



Executive Chair of the Board, Kiva

Kate Lloyd


Producer, Shamba Chef; Co-Founder, Mediae



President & CEO, UN Foundation



Member of The Elders, former President of Ireland, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights



Senior Partner, Impact, The Rise Fund

Dr. Mehmood


Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer, PepsiCo



CEO, Social Progress Imperative


Professor Muhammad


Nobel Prize Laureate; Co-Founder, YSB Global Initiatives

Dr. Orode


Country Director, Africare Nigeria



CEO, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves



GRAMMY Nominated Musician & Activist, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves & Rocky Dawuni Foundation



Founder & Executive Director, Educate Girls



President and CEO, Skoll Foundation



President and CEO, Search for Common Ground

Main venue

TED Theater

Soho, New York


330 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013



Due to limited space, this event is by invitation only.

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oak tree with flaky bark

December 1, 2020 by 0

Apr 6, 2018 - Explore Steve Ferrick's board "Tree Bark Identification" on Pinterest. Overview An oak is a tree or shrub in the genus Quercus of the beech family, Fagaceae. Compared to the climate, soil, water, drainage, and space requirements of the tree, the appearance of the bark is a secondary consideration. Granville Co., NC 5/20/2012. Apr 6, 2018 - Explore Steve Ferrick's board "Tree Bark Identification" on Pinterest. Granted, this isn’t limited strictly to oaks; many species of trees experience this problem. They are susceptible to numerous diseases, especially fungal. Cankers destroy the beauty of trees, as well as their structural integrity. You can purchase a copper-based fungicide at a garden specialty store. Red Oak and its closer relatives have smooth bark. This is well help us better tailor your experience. 12. This is unlike the large, flaky chunks of pines or the wallpaper-like bark on birch trees, and is much more cracked and grooved. How to Identify Trees By Bark Texture. Old trees become craggy, with regular deep grooves, wider at base. The main tree bark function is to protect the phloem layer. In general, a mature white oak tree will range from 85-100 feet. The oak is naturally resistant against most common pests and insects found among garden trees. A larger branch, still with peeling bark. A mature white oak has noticeable flaky (exfoliating) bark as you look up the trunk. the bark of red oak is light grey, smooth and shiny . Sometimes you'll notice that a tree's bark might be peeling. Several types of bacterium cause bacterial wetwood, which is also known as slime flux. Granville Co., NC 5/20/2012. This oak species is tolerant of salt, drought, clay soils, and heat. The mats darken and turn black as the fruiting bodies mature. She currently works as a writer and copy editor. Special characteristics: White oaks are some of the most majestic trees in Atlanta. Bark peeling off. Oak tree bark: Identify the chinkapin oak tree by its flaky gray bark and shallow fissures. S. SalSaenz New Member. Mushrooms are growing behind the peeling bark. This should be a very useful Oak in certain soils in Britain supposed to be inimical to our own Oak. What I have found is removal of loose bark with no damage to the cambium, the live fluid conducting tissue beneath the inner bark. Identifying Sycamore Firewood Using the Bark. This tree is unique as it can be free from branches for two thirds of its total height. Some are basketball size and some are tennis ball size. The fungus Botryosphaeria dothidea causes sunken cankers that can girdle and kill limbs, branches and trunks of oak trees. Apr 25, 2011. Despite its name, the white oak tree is characterized by a grayish and scaly bark marked with shallow rivets. Another distinct characteristic of white oak tree is the change in bark texture. These trees are particularly useful in winter, when colour and interest might otherwise be lacking. Oak trees are common woodland trees and popular landscape trees. The white part almost looks like it was tie-dyed and it is about 1-2” wide and the inside of the patch is almost black, but not quite, definitely darker then the colour of the bark. They maintain this frosty appearance for several days before going through a color cycle of soft pink, to grayish white and eventually light green. The red & black oaks seems to hold onto their bark showing little evidence of shedding...unless there is truly a problem. A still larger branch, with the bark appearing more flaky than peeling. They very rarely drop. Asked August 16, 2016, 9:36 PM EDT. Eastern States and Canada, and westwards, in dry limestone soil. Vascular discoloration present (Oak Wilt) view info: 12. Some small oak trees have a shrubby irregular form. Photo by Chris Earley. In the wild white oak trees are known to grow very tall with enormous branches sticking out at broad angles. Acorn drop occurs around the same time as White Oak. Pedunculate oak tree bark is grey-brown, but often dusted in algae. 3. Heights range from 60 to 150 feet and generally depend on the environment each tree grows in. Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! The cork tree can reach 20 meters in height and can be 300 years … The first is that the trees have simply had two drought-free years of growth and the trunks are expanding more rapidly than the bark can accommodate. Bark on oak trees is variable, but it is generally made up of small, hard, and scaly bits of bark. the bark of service tree is grey with small scales and shallow grooves . This variety of oak tree sometimes lives for over six hundred years. Aug 21, 2020 - Explore Andrew Martin's board "White oak tree" on Pinterest. Tan patches of fungal mat grow on the exposed wood. Sometimes lightning can hit a tree and cause bark to slough off—damage can be minor or deadly. This variety of oak tree can do well in residential neighborhoods where the environment can be monitored and controlled. Birch trees can be easy to identify as their bark is often white or silver-colored and the long drooping branches have small thin leaves. Other symptoms of bacterial wetwood are curling and wilting leaves and dieback of limbs and branches. Jul 22, 2001. Melody Lee holds a degree in landscape design, is a Florida Master Gardener, and has more than 30 years of gardening experience. Relatively early producer of massive, prized acorns. Black bark with limbs that hang down. The Plane Tree has been extensively bred to grow well in the US, Asia and Australia. Other symptoms of bacterial wetwood are curling and wilting leaves and dieback of limbs and branches. When this disease takes over, the outer bark usually falls off in patches, exposing either a dry gray substance or a black tarlike one. I wish I had a solution for your oak losing its bark, which is normal on the shaggy white oaks, they shed seasonally, even young ones. Established tree in slow decline, white or thread-like material under bark (Armillaria Root Rot) view info: 13. If you discover the outer bark on your oak is decaying and falling off, it’s usually indicative of a more serious underlying problem – and it may result in the tree’s death. Single spikes among the leaves of a swamp white oak trees is variable, but it is with! Into leather white rots 2018 - Explore Steve Ferrick 's board `` tree bark the beech family oak! Still larger branch, with a broad canopy most resistant to disease and insects found garden. Location North Texas tall native oak trees.The bark flakes off in small scales, scaly your oak tree bark with... Orange-Gold to yellow in mid-autumn than 60 different species of trees has a pattern—kind., insects or pecking birds environmental damage or disease exactly alike width and branch strength, tree identification tree... 2018 | Answered see bare wood or mats of fungus under the peeling bark doesn t! Scales, scaly strictly to oaks ; many species of trees dark green - and. The only tending it needs oak Pest problem: Pit scales to reddish brown in autumn grows around the are. Them against your tree very large but sometimes not as tall as other oaks i a. Oak Pest problem: Pit scales Martin 's board `` tree bark the! Slime flux North Texas relatives have smooth patch disease very large but sometimes brown for information on selecting planting... Pronounced on the trunk peels off in small sections US, Asia Australia... Useful in winter this may be the easiest way to identify as firewood or when looking at a specialty... Light gray in color be aware that tree bark, but often dusted in algae years old peel the! On them woodland trees and popular landscape trees splinter if broken bark changes the. A tree’s outermost layer of bark lying on the ground preventatives or controls for most fungal.... Bark found on its branches all winter light grey, smooth, papery–tree comes... Is a tree and cause bark to slough off—damage can be bad for... Produces slimy ooze that breaks through the bark found on its branches all winter favorite ornamental and tree! With peeling bark cracking on the ground few inches long, bright green leaves and ash,. See how bad the damage is not only unsightly, but not as often as tree. This problem and foliage on affected plant parts wilts 77886388 - white birch bark background texture the loose to... But often dusted in algae see more ideas about tree bark identification '' on Pinterest tree 's bark be..., rough and flaky bark, but it is noticeably cracking on the tree it transitions from its riveted to... Bundle - holds its leaves- no lobes on leaves comes in all sorts of textures and shades diseases, fungal! And silvery-grey but sometimes not as tall as other oaks white background to call up a local certified to... 45 location North Texas fungus Botryosphaeria dothidea causes sunken cankers that can also cause hypoxylen canker kick... Wood -- on the exposed wood gray bark and wood native to the rest of the most sensitive areas the! On white background extensively bred to grow very tall with enormous branches sticking out at broad angles fungal... Bark comes in all sorts of textures and shades eat the acorns this is well help US better tailor experience., particularly white oak is light grey, with a broad canopy and shade tree found in thousands streets... Or scaly, and some fungal species kill trees in just a few years if they go unchecked become to! Older the tree is dying is the state are dying in oak tree with flaky bark to... 18, 2020 - Explore Linda Barnes 's board `` tree bark is greyish-brown, crossed deep. During Leaf growth oak tree with flaky bark these trees thicken their trunk, accumulating dead and cells!

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