TED Theater, Soho, New York

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
New York, NY

The Event

As part of Global Goals Week, the Skoll Foundation and the United Nations Foundation are pleased to present We the Future: Accelerating Sustainable Development Solutions on September 21, 2017 at TED Theater in New York.
The Sustainable Development Goals, created in partnership with individuals around the world and adopted by world leaders at the United Nations, present a bold vision for the future: a world without poverty or hunger, in which all people have access to healthcare, education and economic opportunity, and where thriving ecosystems are protected. The 17 goals are integrated and interdependent, spanning economic, social, and environmental imperatives.
Incremental change will not manifest this new world by 2030. Such a shift requires deep, systemic change. As global leaders gather for the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly in September, this is the moment to come together to share models that are transforming the way we approach the goals and equipping local and global leaders across sectors to accelerate achievement of the SDGs.

Together with innovators from around the globe, we will showcase and discuss bold models of systemic change that have been proven and applied on a local, regional, and global scale. A curated audience of social entrepreneurs, corporate pioneers, government innovators, artistic geniuses, and others will explore how we can learn from, strengthen, and scale the approaches that are working to create a world of sustainable peace and prosperity.

Meet the


Click on photo to read each speaker bio.



Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations



Captain of Moonshots, X



West Coast Correspondent, Devex



Head Curator, TED


Aung Din

Co-founder of Proximity Designs



Regional Executive Director, Camfed West Africa



Musician, Actor, Author, Campaigner



Member of The Elders, Former President of Mexico



Co-Founder and CEO, Align17



CEO, Global Witness

Governor Jerry


State of California

Her Majesty Queen Rania

Al Abdullah




Co-founder and CEO, Team Rubicon



Senior Director for Advocacy and Communications, Global Health Corps



CEO, Medic Mobile



Executive Chair of the Board, Kiva

Kate Lloyd


Producer, Shamba Chef; Co-Founder, Mediae



President & CEO, UN Foundation



Member of The Elders, former President of Ireland, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights



Senior Partner, Impact, The Rise Fund

Dr. Mehmood


Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer, PepsiCo



CEO, Social Progress Imperative


Professor Muhammad


Nobel Prize Laureate; Co-Founder, YSB Global Initiatives

Dr. Orode


Country Director, Africare Nigeria



CEO, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves



GRAMMY Nominated Musician & Activist, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves & Rocky Dawuni Foundation



Founder & Executive Director, Educate Girls



President and CEO, Skoll Foundation



President and CEO, Search for Common Ground

Main venue

TED Theater

Soho, New York


330 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013



Due to limited space, this event is by invitation only.

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nikon d3300 dynamic range stops

December 1, 2020 by 0

They do not yet have a figure for the D7200. Looking for a Nikon D3300 vs Nikon D7200 comparison? According to dxomark.com, the dynamic range for the D7100 is 13.7. For zoom lenses, the range typically also changes as you zoom in and out. The total dynamic range of a Nikon D810 is, in our measurements at both 100 ISO and at 6400 ISO, indeed about 3 stops greater than the total dynamic range of a Nikon J3. Nikon’s three consumer oriented APS-C models are all quipped with similar 24-Mpix sensors, and each one forgoes an anti-aliasing (AA) filter in order to preserve as much fine detail as the sensor is capable of capturing. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Nikon D3300 is the youngest of Nikon DSLR lineup. If this is true, then it is a backward step. Both Nikon D5200 and Nikon D3300 sensors have been tested by DxoMark. Nikon D3500 was introduced to market in August 2018 and Nikon D3300 was launched in April 2014. In summary, good dynamic range performance from the Nikon D3300, though not quite as good as the best APS-C models. The images shown here are all shot in RAW (NEF) format then processed in Nikon Capture NX-D. A camera with good sensor can capture images with high dynamic range. […] DXO Dynamic Range (EV) 11.4 12.8 DXO Low Light (ISO) 695 1385 Screen Specs Canon T100 Nikon D3300 Viewfinder Type Optical viewfinder Optical viewfinder Viewfinder Field of View 95% 95% Viewfinder Magnification 0.50x 0.57x LCD Framing Live View Live View Rear LCD Size 2.7inch 3.0inch Although there is banding and loss of tonality, it is better than nothing. As in that mode, you start by selecting a single focus point and then press the shutter button halfway to set focus. 73. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). In terms of color sensitivity, the D3300 has a +1.5 stop advantage over the Rebel SL1, and +2/3 stop over the Sony. ... High dynamic range means more of the extremes will be faithfully reproduced. The device can connect to Wi-Fi. Nikon’s yearly incremental upgrading program has been very ambitious in the last few years. All rights reserved. At the highest common ISO setting of 25,600, the D7500 bests the D7200 by over a stop (7.6 vs 6.5 EV). © 2017 Digitalphotographylive, All Rights Reserved. From film days to digital he is regarded as a talented Photographer. Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens (Red) (1533) USA Model + Camera Bag + Wide Angle Lens + 6 Piece Graduated Filter Kit + SanDisk 32GB Ultra Memory Card + 2X Telephoto Lens + More ... dynamic range and low light performance. Resolution as an independent metric isn’t presented in this instance but the sensor’s signal quality of all three models is ostensibly the same. As an entry level model it doesn’t have many pro features but still shines as a very good performer when comes to image quality. The 24 megapixel APS-C sensor can take beautiful images if you use it wisely. Nikon D3200 Review. The D5500is the first Nikon DSLR to feature a touchscreen rear panel. 4. color depth. The dynamic range is similar to the Sony (the Nikon sensor has a 1/3 stop wider range) increasing to +1.5 stops over the Canon. As you can see from the histogram it has almost no data at all to construct something visible. The Nikon D3300 has a ISO range of 100 to 12800 which can be boosted up to 25600. But increasing the exposure in Nikon Capture NX-D everything comes back to life. Save up to 59% on Nikon D3300 digital SLR cameras at Amazon - equipped with a 24.2 MP CMOS DX format sensor & comes in black or red camera body options. There’s also sizeable difference in low light capabilities between them. There’s also sizeable difference in low light capabilities between them. For example, on the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G lens, aperture will stop at f/1.8. At ISO 400 or lower the image quality is very good. When you decrease the aperture, the aperture setting will stop at the maximum aperture the lens allows. Nikon D3300 sensor review: Revised entry-level model ... Nikon D3300 Panasonic Lumix DC-GX800 82. Announced at this year’s CES, the latest update to the mid-range DX 5xxx series, the D5500 actually succeeds the D5300 (there was no D5400) and adds several refinements over that model. It is marketed as an entry-level DSLR camera for beginners (offering tutorial- and improved guide-mode) and experienced DSLR hobbyist who … The Nikon D3300’s sensor was able to recover reasonable amount of color and tonal range. Like its predecessor, it’s a pull-out and reversible 3.2-inch 1,037 k-dot type display with a hinge located on the side rather than at the bottom, which makes it an attractive feature for both still and video capture. And nowhere is it more noticeable than in the firm’s entry-level D3000 series. With the D3300 camera, Nikon proves once again that you don’t have to give an arm and a leg — or strain your back and neck — to enjoy dSLR photography. There is also a limit on minimum aperture on each lens and you cannot go higher than that limit as well. SNR comparison at ISO100 between Nikon D3300 (shown in red) and Nikon D5300 (blue). At base ISO the D3300 has a -1EV stop lower dynamic range than the D5300. As you can see, D3300 is 4 years older than D3500. Above ISO 1600 image gets softer due to noise. It may not shoot 4K video or offer a curved LCD (those shows are all about the tech trends) but it does represent the next generation of Nikon's very popular entry-level DSLR line, and that in itself is noteworthy. However, if your object is contrasty shadow detail, it can tend to wash dark areas out. D3500 and D3300 are members of Nikon's D3000 series of cameras. But in many situation either due to improper camera setting or difficult lighting condition we have to depend on post processing to recover the shadow or highlight detail. Dynamic range is the distance between the noise floor, and the level that you get clipped highlights. Nikon D3300 Review. The dynamic range is similar to the Sony (the Nikon sensor has a 1/3 stop wider range) increasing to +1.5 stops over the Canon. Does dynamic range matters to you ? Landscape (Dynamic Range) 12.8 Evs. Find out where the D7200 wins! One of the biggest camera announcements at 2014's Consumer Electronics Show may well have been the little Nikon D3300 and its collapsible 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 VR II lens. PS this video is only talking about the photo aspect of the camera. For this year Nikon has expanded the capability yet again, and perhaps enough now to tempt professional photographers looking for a low-cost body for specific applications. That’s on a par with the full-frame Nikon D3s (now discontinued) and the newer Canon EOS 6D and EOS 1Dx as well some rival APS-C models such as the Pentax K-5 II and K-5 IIs models. Today's Nikon digital cameras offer a number of technologies that allow you to take great photographs in lighting situations where there is a very wide dynamic range. Nikon D3200. Last year’s model, the D3200 showed several worthy improvements over the previous D3100 model, not the least being a 24-Mpix CMOS sensor, and the Expeed 3 processor allowing a maximum sensitivity as high as ISO 6,400 (expandable to 12,800). The Nikon D3300 has a ISO range of 100 to 12800 which can be boosted up to 25600. What is the most important feature in a camera ? The range of available f-stop settings depends on your lens. We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize your repeat visits and preferences, and analyze traffic. The next image was deliberately overexposed by 3 stop. Nikon D5200 and Nikon D3300 have sensor sizes so they will provide same level of control over the depth of field when used with same focal length and aperture. Below you can find the latest models from this series. Take a look at the histogram to understand how much the sensor can recover detail from overexposed portion of the image. At first watching the histogram you can tell there is very little to recover. Nikon D3200 Review Introduction The Nikon D3200 versus its competitorsThe Nikon D3200 vs the Sony NEX-7 and the Sony SLT Alpha 77Is the Nikon D3200’s sensor the same Sony APS-C Exmor HD Sony found in the NEX-7 and the SLT-A77 SLR? The more powerful processor allows Nikon to add more features to appeal to video enthusiasts, notably Full HD at 60/50 frame rates for slow-motion footage (in addition to the 24 fps and 25/30 fps options of the previous model). At ISO 400 or lower the image quality is very good. If we take a look at our badly exposed images, we will see that most are underexposed. And the recovered image is good enough considering situation. High f-numbers stop the aperture down, allowing less light into the camera, while low f-numbers increase the size of the aperture and let more light into the camera. The D3300 is less expensive. The good thing about Nikon D3300 is its ability to keep chromatic noise under control. In terms of color sensitivity, the D3300 has a +1.5 stop advantage over the Rebel SL1, and +2/3 stop over the Sony. Canon 1200d The noise pattern from ISO 800 to 1600 is good enough for taking decent image. I am step 1 of beginner stage in photography, please suggest whether canon 1200D or Nion D3300 is better. More megapixels 2 stops more dynamic range in raw No AA filter for crispier image Higher res rear lcd screen for better feedback Optional wifi for smartphone Sensor cleaning to keep dust off. Of the two cameras that we are comparing, D7500 has scored 86, 4 points higher than D3300. Autofocus Of course it's limited by your lens; the included 18-55mm VR II isn't as lighting fast as some of Nikon's professional lenses. Both Nikon D7500 and Nikon D3300 sensors have been tested by DxoMark. Canon EOS D100 Canon EOS D700 Nikon D3300 Nikon D5300 Sony a58 Pentax KS-1 I am new to the photography world, but I wish to start and learn something about it. ... Now I have sold it and looking for mid-range DSLR camera, not expensive but can afford a bit expensive if its … The D3300 doesn’t skimp on power or performance, offering a great set of features to help you take your photography to the next level. To use Dynamic Area autofocusing, you must set the Focus mode to AF-C or AF-A. Nikon D5100 and Nikon D3300 sensors have been tested by DxO and the results show that D3300 has a better overall score of 82, 2 points higher compared to D5100's score of 80. cameradecision.com give it as only 12.8. Read more about our Comment Policy. Although the results are similar to its predecessor, the removal of the AA filter promises improved sensor resolution. Pushing the exposure slider to the right I was able to rescue the whole image. In the case of the D3300 this higher noise reduces the dynamic range, but not the color sensitivity. And the cheapest as well. While all three share the same color depth and low light capabilities, the D3300 has -1 stop less dynamic range at base ISO. I've been trying to find the dynamic range spec for the D7200. The D3300 also inherits the longer lasting battery from the D5300, and is available now with the new retractable AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G VR II at $649. Nikon D5100 or D5200 or D3300? The good thing about Nikon D3300 is its ability to keep chromatic noise under control. Sports (Low-Light ISO) 1385 ISO. Copyright © 2008-2020 DXOMARK. Sports (Low-Light ISO) 1131 ISO. Landscape (Dynamic Range) 13.2 Evs. DxO Dynamic Range Score (evs): DxO Maximum Effective ISO Score (iso): Image Capture; Image Resolution: 6000 x 4000 (24.0 MP, 3:2), 4496 x 3000 (13.5 MP, … Although the D5300 was the first Nikon DLSR to f… With a DxOMark a score of 82 points the Nikon D3300 achieves 25th place overall in our sensor rankings. In reality, though, the D3300 isn’t quite a match for either the D5300 or the high-end D7100. It scores camera sensors for color depth (DXO Portrait), dynamic range (DXO Landscape) and low-light sensitivity (DXO Sports), and also gives them an overall score. For that reason, I wish to buy a good entry level camera that can be upgraded in the future, in order to reach a very high standard of quality. Faster continuous shooting up to 4 fps was also added. Color sensitivity between the two models is very close. But even at this extreme the Nikon D3300 sensor has something to show. The D800 and D800E only show half-stops, so they don't show when you've only got ±0.3 stops compensation set, which the D3300 does! If we look closer at our measurement data, between the D5300 and D3300, the two share similar color sensitivity and color response. Source: DxOMark. 3. supports Wi-Fi. When the term “dynamic range” is mentioned, many people will quickly think of HDR, or “High Dynamic Range.” With this term, and technique, so popular in the world of photography, it is rarely ever considered what dynamic range actually is, let alone why you would want it to be “high.” In short, dynamic range describes the measurement between maximum and minimum values. The noise pattern from ISO 800 to 1600 is good enough for taking decent image. The Nikon D5500 doesn’t make any obvious improvements on … It increases dynamic range a bit, and helps to pull out shadow detail. Signal quality of the Nikon D3300 sensor compares well against other APS-C models in the line-up and it outshines that of rival entry-level models. Save up to $351 on Nikon D3300 DSLR cameras at Walmart- check the latest deals on the Nikon D3300 camera body only and camera, lens & accessories bundles. Dynamic range is good as well and RAW files allow for extensive highlight and shadow recovery. any major differences. But, there is a noise difference for the lowest grayscale between the two (grayscale inferior to 1% of the dynamic).

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